Greater Options for the Best Air Con Maintenance

An air conditioning is much more than a comfortable extra gadget in your car. The pleasant coolness caused by the air conditioning at hot outside temperatures sometimes makes driving a car really possible. Just as important as the cool airflow of the air conditioning is the second effect.

More than just being comfortable

air conditioning for car A properly functioning air conditioning is very suitable for avoiding moisture damage and freezing on the inside of the windows. In order for it to be able to fulfill this task in a sustainable manner, the system needs your attention. You can take part of the maintenance yourself. From Eurohub Aircon Pte Ltd you can expect the best quality now.

Operation of an air conditioning in the car

Car air conditioning repair an air conditioning in the car functions according to the principle of compression and absorption Gases, which are suddenly compressed, heat up. Conversely, gases also cool down just as quickly when their volume is suddenly increased. The cooling unit of the air conditioning system is a closed system, in which an easily evaporable medium circulates. The tightness of this system is decisive for the functioning of the air conditioning. The refrigerant is compressed in a compressor and decompressed again in an evaporator. This creates the cold, which is led to the interior with an air flow. The compressor is driven by a belt. Often this is a long timing belt or v-belt, which, in addition to the air conditioning compressor, also drives the servo pump, the cooling water pump and the alternator.

Damage to an air conditioning

Climate car a weak point of the air conditioning is the closing of the closed cooling system. The pressure in the pipes is so great that the coolant gradually escapes. You cannot stop this process as a car user. When the air conditioner performs worse, there is probably too much refrigerant disappeared. That is not yet a reason for panic. An air conditioning can be refilled and re-sealed.

The cold air is blown into the interior by a blower. The air passes through a series of filters that must purify the cooled air of foreign particles. For about 25 years these filters have been so fine-meshed that they even stop pollen and pollen. These organic substances settle in the filter and rot there. When too many organic substances accumulate in the filter, an unpleasant smell is created in the interior. Here only the replacement of the filter helps. This replacement also always involves thorough cleaning and disinfection of the air ducts. For the proper maintenance of the same you can have the good at aircon servicing singapore service now.

Clean air conditioning car technically, all components of the air conditioning can wear out over time. The air conditioning compressor is particularly susceptible to wear. To replace it, the cooling system must be opened.

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