Automobile shock absorber suspension: when to change?

more info about difference between shocks and struts

Usually, motorists think about replacing the shock absorber only when there is a distinct knock, which already prevents them from driving.

But most often, if the item is already in this state, then it was necessary to replace it much earlier.

The most frequent reason for the replacement – oil film on the shock absorber housing. In this case, the oil used in the amortization design for damping slowly begins to trickle past the piston rod.

But not all shock absorbers leave such marks. Dry shock absorbers do not indicate that everything is in order, as in modern cars racks are often installed where they use gas, not oil.

How to determine a worn shock absorber by yourself?

For this, we have some method which we use very often:
1. You need to stand next to one of the four wheels of your car;
2. Press with two hands on a certain hard place at a suitable point for the shock absorber to work. Do this several times;
3. When bouncing, the car should swing a maximum of once;
4. If the car rises and falls several times during a rebound – the shock absorber is faulty;

It is better, of course, to go to the service for normal diagnostics, where there is a special stand for testing shock absorbers. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to say exactly which shock absorber is effective and which one is already on the verge of failure.

The mechanic will print the result to you, where it will be indicated in percentage, how much the part is worn out, and it was still in the “green zone” or already needs to be replaced.

To Buy Jeep Liberty Or Used GMC Vehicle? That Is The Question!

When you have a limited budget, however, you fancy for a reliable and compact SUV, why not to consider and buy jeep liberty? Or maybe you prefer a vehicle from used gmc cars more? Here you can find some tips on both automobile brands that could be useful when you opt for the hottest selling and cost-effective pre-owned SUV car.

What Do You Need To Know About Jeep Liberty?


In the Northern American market, customers buy Jeep Liberty by this freedom-loving name, while in Europe and other parts of the world this SUV has got the name Jeep Cherokee. This is one of the most famous off-road vehicles globally which has been in vogue in the past and is still popular as the cost-reasonable and functional auto.


The compact SUV Jeep Liberty together with its Jeep Cherokee brother has introduced the individual niche in between small and medium-sized light tracks for passengers or, in other words, Sports Utility Vehicles, from where the abbreviation SUV comes from. The car model was made in the US and other countries up to 2012 when the manufacturer stopped its production. Two generations of the used Jeep Liberty modifications are available in the market today.


The design, appearance and technical advancements have been so cutting-edge for the time of its appearance and production, that many imitators came into view to follow and rival it. When you buy Jeep Liberty of the latest second iteration (from 2008 to 2012), you get the improved handling features, extra room inside the cabin and other technological advancements. However, many critics say that Jeep Liberty is not able to rival with the modern compact SUVs, produced within the last 5-6 years on the majority of characteristics.


The AMC car manufacturer developed these vehicles on the basis of the revolutionary unibody compact SUV with the four-door spacious cabin which is able to accommodate up to five passengers and their luggage. For long years and up to date many customers say that when you buy Jeep Liberty you purchase a real masterpiece for the money it costs.

Used GMC Cars In Brief

If you are searching for the affordable proven record SUVs, you will certainly come across used GMC cars. The family of GMC vehicles that are famous at the Northern American terrain is huge enough to cater for every taste and budget. The used GMC makes include such popular modifications of different classes of SUVs as GMC Yukon, GMC Acadia, GMC Terrain. All of them receive upgrades from year to year keeping pace with other on-road and off-road competitors in their classes.

These cars are constructed on the hard and secure truck chassis, which enable their featured durability, hauling capacity and more powerful performance. Their interior is roomy enough for passengers’ comfort and cargo to carry. The safety of the used GMC vehicles is high enough not to question it if you certainly buy them from the reliable pre-owned car dealer.


Whatever SUV you can opt for, it will be a good investment in the reliable and famous American brand.

Why recycle used batteries and small batteries?

To avoid wasting scarce natural resources or present in limited quantities in nature such as iron, zinc or nickel whose extraction is particularly polluting to produce after recycling alloys and value-added metals for use in many industries. To limit any risk of pollution and to avoid introducing into the garbage traces of heavy metals still contained in certain types of batteries.When you talk about recycling you tend to think of glass, paper or plastic. However, it is equally important for the environment to think that used batteries, camcorder batteries, mobile phones or cameras must also be supported by specialized channels, in order to be recycled and to live a second life.

Why recycle?

Devices that use batteries or a battery are numerous. Among them, there is the TV remote control, the digital camera, the mobile phone, the laptop and the toys.When one of these elements comes to be out of order, the problem of its evacuation arises. The answer is simple, it is necessary to proceed to its rejection, to a specialized treatment.Indeed, in no case, these elements should not be deposited in the garbage containers. These are reserved for the collection of waste, which are intended to be buried.The recycling of batteries or batteries is first, a gesture of common sense. By this simple act citizen and responsible, one avoids an excessive pollution of the planet.

When you look at the composition of a battery or battery you realize that many elements can be highly dangerous for the environmentand therefore, at the same time for its inhabitants. In addition, it should not be forgotten that recycling makes it possible at a lower cost to reform new elements. Used batteries undergo many treatments, and find a second youth.Recycling is therefore a simple gesture which has effects on ecology and on the economy. If you want more information on the sorting of batteries and batteries, visit the Kinsbursky Brothers site which campaigns for a better evacuation of these elements and proposes concrete solutions to allow their collection.

How to recycle used batteries?

Used batteries of electrical devices, as well as batteries must absolutely be brought to waste disposal centers where they will be collected and transported to specialized treatment systems.However, it is not always necessary to move to the dump. Indeed, many traders, artisans or major retailers offer collectors at the entrance of their store where can be deposited these objects.Finally, remember that when you purchase a new electronic device, the seller has the legal obligation to take back your old used equipment, to send it to recycling. Too many users are still reluctant to leave their old devices while they are in their right conditions.

How To Choose The Best Auto-Transportation Company In 2018/19

Looking for an auto transportation company can be hectic especially if it is your first time doing it. You cannot just trust anyone with your car. It is very expensive and you require the best company when it comes to its shipping and transportation. There are much auto transportation companies in the market right now. How do you know which one is best for you? We will find out below.


Do Your Research

You need to conduct extensive research on the companies that you may be interested in. You should check their customer reviews. Not all people will take the time to give a good report about a company, but more people will talk about their bad experiences. Read through these complaints to choose the best company for you. If you do not get any bad or good reviews, that means that the company may be new and it may be risky trusting it with your car since some may be counterfeit. It may also show that an old company is using a new name since their previous company’s reputation may have been tarnished. You should also be careful since some companies pay people to do their reviews so read them carefully to make the best decisions.


How long have they been in this business? Experience is key. You should not choose a company that does not even know how to move cars or asks you for more money to move it to your destination. You should ask them how long they have been moving cars and what their experiences have been. Knowing these details will help you to eliminate them one by one until you get the right one.

Tracking System

A tracking system is an absolute must when it comes to car transportation. You need to be secure that your vehicle is on its way and it is safe. You should be given a tracking number which you will use to log into the company website and get the details of the transportation at any particular time. It will provide you with the confidence of that company and that they can deliver your car within the speculated time. You will be informed of where the car is and how far it is. You can practically log in at any time of the day or night. Any company that does not have a tracking system or that it is not working efficiently is an absolute no.

Fast Delivery

The Auto-transportation company should keep its word on deliveries. It should do so in time and avoid any delays. We do not want a situation where a car delivery is delayed by days or even weeks. Avoid any companies that deliver using terminals; they take weeks before the package arrives.

Vehicle transportation can be a hassle if you do not choose the right company. It can be a headache and cost you a lot in terms of money and time. Following these rules will save you a lot, and your car will be delivered to you in time and good condition. In case you are lost for choice, you can check out Nationwide Auto Transportation Blog and see the amazing vehicle transportation tips and services they have for you.

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