Automobile shock absorber suspension: when to change?

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Usually, motorists think about replacing the shock absorber only when there is a distinct knock, which already prevents them from driving.

But most often, if the item is already in this state, then it was necessary to replace it much earlier.

The most frequent reason for the replacement – oil film on the shock absorber housing. In this case, the oil used in the amortization design for damping slowly begins to trickle past the piston rod.

But not all shock absorbers leave such marks. Dry shock absorbers do not indicate that everything is in order, as in modern cars racks are often installed where they use gas, not oil.

How to determine a worn shock absorber by yourself?

For this, we have some method which we use very often:
1. You need to stand next to one of the four wheels of your car;
2. Press with two hands on a certain hard place at a suitable point for the shock absorber to work. Do this several times;
3. When bouncing, the car should swing a maximum of once;
4. If the car rises and falls several times during a rebound – the shock absorber is faulty;

It is better, of course, to go to the service for normal diagnostics, where there is a special stand for testing shock absorbers. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to say exactly which shock absorber is effective and which one is already on the verge of failure.

The mechanic will print the result to you, where it will be indicated in percentage, how much the part is worn out, and it was still in the “green zone” or already needs to be replaced.

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